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Honesty and Transparency in recruitment: Communicating your authentic ‘you’.

We’ve all read job descriptions which feature 20 plus bullet points, paired with 8-line deep paragraphs (plural) outlining key requirements and responsibilities, yet how many asking for the writing of such a job spec have given thought to the impact presenting information in this way has? How is it actually received, and/or interpreted, by prospective candidates?

What if we were less opaque, less beige, less wrapped up in industry jargon? Would being more open, transparent, and engaging, serve us better when applied as a filter, in our search for talent?

Those of you at the back shouting, “But the complexity is a filter. If they can’t decode the job description, they’re not the right person for the job”, I’ll acknowledge that approach does have its place. A heavily regulated industry would be one such example. For the rest of us, clear communication is about audience attraction and engagement. It’s as much about how we say it as it is about what we say.

Think ‘content marketing for job descriptions (strong editing skills essential).’

If we looked at how we conveyed the character, outlook, and approach to work that we’re looking for, crafting an engaging, concise, ‘story’, presented in an easily readable language, would we see better results?

Where to start?

‘The right fit’; 3 words which are as much a statement as a question – pondered or anguished over in varying degrees, by both candidates and employers – typically voiced out loud as the recruitment process reaches the pointy end. Why not push this to the very front of the process, channelling your inner Gandalf, making it your ‘you shall not pass’ ultimate qualification tool?

Need a ‘go to’ example: RYZON, a fast-growing German sports apparel brand presents a clear understanding of what they’re looking for when attracting talent.

Screenshot of Ryzon website showing text and button
Screenshot of ryzon website

Interestingly, you’ll see this isn’t tied to a specific job description or vacancy. Appearing directly below open vacancies, this high visibility ‘call out’ shouts; “Be Honest. Are you a good fit.” Directly below the major ‘look at me’ statement, the brand re-enforces the point with “What you should consider before applying for a job with us.” – effectively setting out a clear position; ‘qualify yourself in, or out, but know that this is what we’re truly about. If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you. If not, thanks, but no thanks.’

No bashfulness. No opaque language. Zero ambiguity. Prospective candidates know exactly what they can expect. The pluses, and the minuses.

Can you say the same? Would your business’s recruitment process benefit from more communicational clarity?

Better filtered candidates?

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