Recruitment, it’s a-lot like dating, isn’t it?

Recruitment and dating…

The recruitment process is a lot like dating in many ways. How? well, the end goal is the same. The end goal for both is to find someone who’s a good team fit. 

With technology changing and evolving rapidly, online dating and online recruiting follow similar steps in the process.

1.The first stage interview = the 1st date

2.Keeping candidates “warm” and engaged = the follow up chat, usually via Whatsapp

3.Arranging the next stage in the interview process = will there be a 2nd date?

4.Catfishing (candidates pretending to be someone they are not)


6.Meet the team = meet the Director (Dad)

7.The offer, will they accept? = will there be more dates?

8.The perfect match has been found, everyone’s happy

9.Rebate period … sometimes, things don’t work out

10.The fresh search … we go again!


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