JLR channels its inner captain Jack Sparrow

“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”.
Roman philosopher Seneca isn’t wrong. This is especially true for businesses who’re struggling to plug stubborn talent gaps.

It goes without saying that you want the right people, not just any people.

Your values and culture are strong. Your corporate brand is largely built upon living these values, as is the reputation of your product / service in the eyes of your clients / customers. This gives your organisation a certain robustness and sustainability.

You’re potentially aware that your brand cache registers a value with people working elsewhere within (and maybe even beyond) your sector.

Now there’s much to like about this, including high levels of employee engagement; motivation, creativity, and productivity – a clear sense of direction and purpose, all of which bode well when looking to retain talent.

However, this isn’t without its own challenges. “We hire people like us” may well have been a clearly defined set of character traits and values at a point in the organisational journey, but that didn’t stop Apple firing (or rehiring) Steve Jobs. And that cautionary tail has never been more relevant than in the month that’s seen Meta shed 11’000 employees, whilst Twitter massacred, intentionally or otherwise, both its working culture and its global workforce, along with the businesses advertising revenue.

If this is starting to sound a little dark, and you think you can hear mermaids calling you to the depths of Davy Jones’ locker, fear not, because swashbuckling recruiters (sadly Captain Jack Sparrow doesn’t work for us) are at hand.

This is the week when, in the face of an oncoming global slowdown, Jaguar Land Rover saw a massive opportunity, and moved fast to make the most of it.

“Sorry, did he just say what I think he said!? A legacy (Internal Combustion Engine) auto manufacturer with a stodgy present day brand image and a constantly yoyoing financial status, has made the news for positive reasons?”

Yep. That’s what I said. And there’s a lesson for us all here.

Agile. Dextrous. Responsive. Adaptable. Choose your adjective. But know that actions truly speak louder.

A business looking to secure its future saw mass technology sector layoffs and recognised a once in a generation opportunity. More than that, it saw deep into the psyche of the very people on whom the future of their own business would be built and communicated this clearly to them.

You want to work remote (and uncle Elon is a ball breaker who wants to chain you all to office desks). We see your talent. We recognise your capability. We know you’ll totally rock our world. Come find your new home (from wherever in the world you want to work) with us. We’re building out an entire business unit, one upon which the future of our organisation depends, and with that in mind, we’ll also be encouraging other tech talent from Meta to join us, ensuring we truly supercharge our future, and make you feel right at home working in an industry sector in which I’d hazard a guess not one of you thought they’d find a rewarding next step in your career, coupled with a warm, forward looking, supportive and understanding, welcome.

Now that’s what you call making a statement. That what you call smart recruitment.

  • Identify the opportunity.
  • Understand what candidates value.
  • Present a compelling proposition.
  • Unlock a competitive advantage.
  • Transform your business.

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